Pocket Girl Asian PRO Virtual Girl Simulator for Android

Pocket Girl Asian PRO Virtual Girl Simulator is a free entertainment app that brings a virtual girlfriend to your mobile device. Interact with her, and watch her pre-recorded actions.

Interact and watch her move

Unlike most virtual girlfriend apps, which use computer-generated models, the character in Pocket Girl Asian PRO Virtual Girl Simulator is created from pre-recorded clips of an actress. the app retains a high level of interactivity, however. By touching the screen or typing in commands, you can make the character perform actions. With her hoop earrings and a school uniform worthy of Britney Spears, this virtual girl is sure to pick up plenty of admirers.

Unlock her actions

Pocket Girl Asian PRO Virtual Girl Simulator comes with a variety of actions. Some of them are initially locked, and require the user to watch promotional videos before they can be shown. The actions range from simple clips that involve playing around with props or performing short dances, to more elaborate routines. Be warned that some of the actions are sexual in nature, making the app unsuitable for children or those sensitive to such material.

The Pocket Girl PRO APK– Virtual Girl Simulator is the first virtual girl simulator game which containing the real footage of live actress. In this game, the fake footage has a true girl with a real flesh. If you want to get experience with this game, it is very easy to play this game. Free Download Pocket Girl Pro mod apk 2018

To play this game all you need to do is, you want to give commands to your pocket girl and based your instruction she will react every time. This game will be same as having your personal girl right in your pocket and waiting for your commands.

This game will give a real-life experience to the player with a real live actress image which is built of flesh and not built by pixels.

There are some guides available on the internet to guide you for giving a command to your pocket girl and help her to go to the next level. As a first step, you need to download this file APK from internet, And then launch the file explorer which installed on your mobile phone already and you need to access the folder where you placed the pocket girl apk. Choose the pocket girl file and tap the 3 dots at the bottom right of the screen and now click on the extract to button from the menu.

Finally, select the current path of your file and click ok button. That’s it your decompression process will start now. Once the decompression is complete, you can see the various folders, in that, go to the folder as res>>raw.  In this raw folder, you will see all unlocked actions present on the pocket girl android game. Now it’s ready, you can play any action and offer your girl anything you want.

How To install Pocket Girl Pro apk:-

1. Install Apk
3. Play and enjoy it

My Pocket Girls is an addictive android game where you will meet different girls who have unique character and habits. Each girl presented in the game is unique and unique in its way, get to know each other closer. All girls can be spontaneous, touchy, and also cheerful and cute. Learn the unique story of each girl and you will not be bored. Learn from the girls a variety of tricks or just raise yourself insistence by playing this game.

Pocket Girl is the first virtual girl simulator containing real footage of a live actress. 

Forget the ugly and fake 3D models contained in other similar apps: Pocket Girl is the first and only virtual girl simulator showing you a true girl in her flesh! 

This game is extremely simple: give a command to your Pocket Girl, and she will react accordingly! 

It will be like having your personal girl right in your pocket, waiting for your commands. 

It will be your girlfriend in the pocket!

Have fun!

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